About Jeff

Hi, I’m Jeff! I’m a pastor with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and I’m serving as the Pastor of Valley Community Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon. I am an avid outdoorsman, a Cleveland sports fan (my home town), and a world traveler.

I like to write on subjects and topics that I’m passionate about. I’ve been working with young people since 2000, so I have a few thoughts on working with youth. I’m a Christian and a professional pastor, so I write a bit about the Christian spiritual journey and ministry. I also grew up in Parma Heights, Ohio, where it was expected that I learned how to play all sorts of sports, and that I cheered on our Cleveland sports teams. Besides watching sports, I like to actually play as well, so I write every now and again on the topics of sports and fitness. One of my favorite things to do when I get the chance is to get outside, preferably in the wilderness. I’ve learned quite a few life lessons while camping, or hiking, or just playing in the woods. I also like to make connections between the books, TV shows, and movies I experience, so I’ll write about that as well.

Overall, this site does not pretend to represent anything beyond simply some of my thoughts and musings (and let’s be honest, all of my sermons). A website or blog will never encapsulate the entirety of a person, but it is a fun way to share with others some of what what makes me ‘tick’. I have no professional, personal, or religious agenda. Writing is something that I just like to do, and if you enjoy what I have to say, then let me know!







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