I Am Second

Mark 1:4-8

Advent is here; the season that beckons us to remember our past and where we came from, and yet also compels us to look to the future of the promised Messiah. In the midst of schedules, homework, church obligations, holiday concerts, parties, and play… we are called to pause for a moment and focus on God our Creator.


Ever see those silicon bracelets that people wear every now and again with whimsical sayings? This one in particular I’m thinking of said ‘I am second.’ This got me thinking, what does it mean to be second in the world today?

olypmic20podiumThe Bible actually says quite a bit about being second. Here we have John the Baptist, that wild and zany friend coming on to the scene to preach repentance and to baptize. But John isn’t out here for his own glory and achievement. It’s not about being first for John; he is preparing the way for Jesus.

I wonder what would change if we took on this role during this season of Advent. What does it mean to put Christ first in our lives? I think we might learn a thing or two as well about what it means to follow. To follow the star in the East. To follow as a disciple. To follow Jesus to the cross. To ultimately follow the risen Christ in our daily lives.


Lord, teach me your ways about what you really value in this world. Help me to usher in a new day; your kingdom come. Let me be second today, and every day, when it comes to knowing you. Amen.


May we be comforted by your history of loving us, dear Lord, at peace with your daily presence, and energized for the adventures that lie ahead.


This is one of my entries from the D365 devotion website. This site, especially focusing on the spiritual development of youth and young adults, is a great way to journey with God this season of Advent!


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