Enforcer or Shepherd?

Isaiah 40:9-11

Advent is here; the season that beckons us to remember our past and where we came from, and yet also compels us to look to the future of the promised Messiah. In the midst of schedules, homework, church obligations, holiday concerts, parties, and play… we are called to pause for a moment and focus on God our Creator.


Jesus-in-BondiWe read a few different messages about the character of God in these verses. Is God some muscular enforcer, or is God more of a kind, gentle shepherd? Regardless of how we may envision God, we are called nonetheless to proclaim God’s presence in the world. God is here!

How many times have you ever proclaimed God’s presence in the world? I’m not necessarily talking about getting a milk crate and a megaphone and waiving the Bible in the air like a street corner preacher, but perhaps in more subtle ways. How can we share with our friends that God is present in our daily lives? On the soccer field, in detention, on the bus, as we walk down the city streets? How would you describe God to the people you care for most? Would God be large and in charge? Or would God be more gentle and loving?


Lord, I want to be a messenger of your presence here on earth. What words should I use? What actions can I take? Help prepare my heart for your presence each and every day.


May we be comforted by your history of loving us, dear Lord, at peace with your daily presence, and energized for the adventures that lie ahead.


This is one of my entries from the D365 devotion website. This site, especially focusing on the spiritual development of youth and young adults, is a great way to journey with God this season of Advent!


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