We’re Engaged!


Julie and I met on an on-line dating site in the summer of 2015. Our first date was at an Indian buffet lunch in Lynchburg, Virginia, where the both of us were living. We had a good time, and I asked if we could hang out again soon! Over the next few months the two of us spent a lot of time together, all the while acknowledging the ‘fact’ that one day we would both move on from Lynchburg and head our separate ways. It seemed that we were walking down a road that was sure to have a sad ending. Julie was offered a great opportunity to study at Auburn University in Alabama, in the fall of 2015, and I was gearing up for the next chapter of my life. Turns out, we both enjoyed talking with each other still, and part of me wondered if I just stayed in Lynchburg a little longer, maybe she would come back for a visit every now and again. This, my friends, is called a long distance relationship. I hate long distance relationships; so does Julie. Of course we would not try such a hopeless endeavor.


We’ve been doing this long distance thing now for two years. TWO. YEARS. I’ll admit, it has not been wonderful all of the time, but we have discovered some great parts to being in a long distance relationship. For one, the space has allowed for this very independent guy to wrap his head around being in a relationship! Two, being long distance forced the two of us to talk to each other…A LOT. We have learned a ton from each other in all subject matters! I really do feel that the conversations and time spent on the phone and Skype have helped us deepen our appreciation for each other, work through relationship hurdles, and ensure that we appreciate our time physically in the same room all the more!

page12 NEW ENDINGSo after two years of phone calls, Indian buffets, and many miles hiking and traveling to and from our distant homes, Julie and I are engaged to be married! This past Thursday, on May the 4th (May the 4th be with you), we sat down at the same table we first shared our first date together, and I shared with her a re-created book of one of her books that she grew up with as a child, this time asking her to marry me (and gave her a pretty sweet rock!). We are excited to formally start our married life together following her graduation from graduate school.

Thank you to all of the family and friends who have helped us get to this point; the good Lord knows that I probably would not get to this point by my own efforts!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months!

click here for some other pics of our sweet rings…



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  1. Congratulations! Gary and I had a long distance relationship for over 2 years. We will celebrate our 47th anniversary this summer. I’m glad you hung in there.


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