Jesus as Plumber?

Okay, so this derives from a theological conversation with my middle schoolers after reading John 4, and a discussion surrounding the metaphor of God as the ‘living water’. From this idea, one of my students asked the question: ‘Does this mean that Jesus can be the plumber?’ To which I said,’Well, yeah.’ So here it is…

Imagine a home with a water system. If God is the living water, then at our healthiest state our water system is running freely throughout our ‘house’ or our lives. We turn on the faucet, God is there. We want a bath, God is there. God is everywhere!

However, someone needs to teach us how to access this water and understand all of the intricacies of said water system. What if our toilets begin to back up? What if the sink stop draining? In our daily lives, what if all of our troubles start piling up on top of one another? We need someone to call. A plumber would be that person. We need someone that can not only unplug the clogs in our life, but teach us how to access our water in a healthy way, and prevent further clogs and backups. JESUS (of course) would be that plumber!

When we have our plumber with us, we have access to a flowing source of water that will never leave us. Now, please don’t ask about ‘do it yourself’ plumbing, or the cost of plumbers…or anything else for that matter. I thought it was a pretty creative way of bringing the Bible to life, no matter the philosophical and theological questions it may present:).


Thank you, middle schoolers! My adults would never be that creative.


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