As the year comes to its darkest point, the days become shorter, and nights take on prominent stature. The year will soon come to an end, yet our problems continue to mount, and our lives do not suddenly ‘reset.’ We have tried and tried to make good of this world, and our human efforts continue to fail us.  We need God’s presence in our lives.


With the darkness of our year taking force…there is a small, warm light ahead. As Christians, we celebrate this light as the birth of Christ, the savior of the world. In the midst of chaos, violence, relatives, anger, consumerism, and frustration, God brings peace to the world through the birth of an infant. Salvation is here.


So we prepare ourselves.  We quiet our lives. We wait. What do we wait for? We wait for God to reach into our lives, our very beings. We wait for divine intervention. We wait for new life.


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